The GeoServer project is a full transactional Java (J2EE) implementation of the OpenGIS Consortium’s Web Feature Server specification and Web Coverage Server specification, with an integratedWeb Map Server.

GeoServer is free software, available under the GPL 2.0 license.

Users who would like to access and modify their geographic data over the Internet using flexible, industry-approved standards should take a look at GeoServer.

The documentation for this release is available online at the following link. The GeoServer wiki is used for the latest updates;please share your experiences, hints and tips with GeoServer there. Thetask tracker is the place to report feature requests and bugs. Also please take a moment to add yourself to the User Map to show your support for GeoServer.

Fasilitas yang diberikan :

  • WCS Capabilities
  • WFS Capabilities
  • WMS Capabilities
  • SRS List

Untuk kebutuhan data, tentu saja aplikasi ini bisa digabungkan dengan MySQL, hanya belum banyak di-eksplorasi oleh saya, tapi sebagai percobaan saya memasang peta indonesia.

Berikut visualnya di openSUSE 11.0 + tomcat6 :

Klik pada Provinsi DKI Jakarta

Klik pada Provinsi Jawa Barat

Fasilitas Styler pada GeoServer :