iSCSI Initiator dipergunakan untuk mengakses iSCSI yang disediakan oleh Network-Attached Storage. Apabila Layanan NAS difasilitasi dengan iSCSI Initiator dan iSCSI Target.

iSCSI Server diakses memakai open-iscsi Ubuntu :

Kutipan dari website FreeNAS :

Then came iSCSI, which works with much cheaper Network Interface Cards (NICs), and can use regular network switches, as well us much cheaper copper cables. At first iSCSI wasn’t as fast as Fiber, topping out at gigabit speeds, so if speed was important, you’d stick with Fiber. Now with 10Gigabit Ethernet being readily available, you can get iSCSI SANs that are both cost effective and high performance.

Setelah tersedia layanan iSCSI dan telah dikonfigurasi dengan benar, maka saatnya untuk mengakses iSCSI yang dipergunakan sebagai drive tambahan di PC/Laptop kita.

Salah satu initiator adalah Microsoft iSCSI Software Initiator yang sudah tersedia di Windows 7. Di Sistem Operasi berbasis Open Source juga tersedia open-iscsi, silahkan pergunakan mana yang akan dipakai.

Kutipan dari website Microsoft :

The Microsoft iSCSI Software Initiator enables connection of a Windows host to an external iSCSI storage array using Ethernet NICs. This download can be installed on Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 2000. For Vista and Windows Server 2008, the iSCSI initiator is included inbox. The Microsoft iSCSI software initiator makes it possible for businesses to take advantage of existing network infrastructure to enable block-based Storage Area Networks without having to invest in additional hardware.

Supported architectures include x86, x64(both Intel and AMD), and IA64 platforms

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