Menarik untuk disimak…

  • Meme #1: We have shared software since we have written software.
  • Meme #2: Writing good software is hard work.
  • Meme #3: There is no scale without discipline.
  • Meme #4: Software is inherently dynamic.
  • Meme #5: You always get more than you give.
  • Meme #6: Freeloaders are essential to success.
  • Meme #7: Don’t confuse products with projects.
  • Meme #8: Don’t confuse customers with community.
  • Meme #9: Companies shared liberally-licensed software long before the open source definition.
  • Meme #10: Software freedom and open source licensing are different discussions.
  • Meme #11: Every open source project needs a license.
  • Meme #12: Foundations have their place.


What memes would you add to the list? What experiences did you have?

Sumber: Stephen R. Walli