Welcome to the osTube!osTube is the first content management system for media content (MCMS) – a basic framework for creating websites similar to YouTube, Veoh, and Revver. After the successful release of osTube 1.0, 2.0 and 2.1 we have just published the brand new 2.2 version of osTube – a quantum leap in player-functionality and CMS-scalability.

A complete revision and further development of current features as well as numerous new features guarantee even better usability of the framework. Also, many features requested by the osTube community are now part of version 2.0. The addition of AJAX, social bookmarking services and extended search capabilites are just a few key-aspects that will make the implementation of osTube more seamless than ever before.

Check out the new osTube 2.2 today – visit our live-demo now or download our Community Edition for free!

Welcome to osTube.de!

Community Edition

Do you want to build your own video sharing website, but don’t know how?
Than osTube is the solution you have been looking for. Using our powerful yet easy-to-use Community Edition everyone can publish videos and photos online.
An integrated module automatically converts the media into an appropriate format.
This open-source framework can be comfortably setup, adjusted and monitored using a protected webpage. It basically includes the same functions that the most common User Generated Content websites provide.

Still, the most important advantage of osTube is: osTube Community Edition is free!
Community Edition Features:

  • Layout can be adjusted on the front-page using Drag’n’Drop (Ajax)
  • Supported media types (can be disabled): videos, sounds, photos, documents
  • Integrated blog with comment-function and shoutbox
  • New Flash-player can be branded with you own logo
  • RSS-functionality, integrated messaging system for all users
  • Every user can have a detailed profile incl. a guestbook
  • Graphical display of upload-progress (Ajax-based progress-bar)
  • Push-services using RSS e.g. to notify about new uploads
  • Comment, rate, report uploads or forward them to a friend
  • Administrative tools for managing users, groups, and friends
  • Social bookmarking and internal bookmarking system
  • Free access to our support board and installation manual pages
  • NEW: search machine friendly URL’s (clean-URL’s)
  • NEW: The Offline-Mode is switchable through the administrator

Contoh implementasinya adalah seperti berikut : TKJTube