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Whether you’re a student or teacher of open source, the online community is a great place to look for resources. There are lots of great tools and resources for open source that can be found online. Check out this list, and you’ll find 100 learning resources, communities, and more for open source education.


These resources are especially for teachers.

  1. Teaching Open Source: Teaching Open Source is a collaboration point for educators, institutions, communities, and companies to share thoughts and resources for better teaching open source.
  2. Humanitarian FOSS Project Development Site: Get support and instruction for creating Humanitarian free and open source software projects in your classroom.
  3. A Model for Sustainable Student Involvement in Open Source: Read this paper to find out how to get students involved in open source.
  4. ccLearn: ccLearn works to use the Internet to support open learning and open educational resources.
  5. Wikibooks: On Wikibooks, you’ll find a free library of educational textbooks.
  6. Free Open Source Teacher Tools: Read this document to learn about some of the free and open source tools you can use for teaching.
  7. Teachers’ Toolbox: In this Wikibook, you’ll find a variety of different methods you can use to improve your teaching.
  8. Curriki: Check out this website to find free and open source curricula.


Students can take advantage of these great open source learning resources.

  1. Google Summer of Code: You can join the Summer of Code to be a part of an open source project and gain real world software development exposure.
  2. Open Source Student & Alumni Relationship Management for Higher Education: This document explains using open source relationship management for students and alumni.
  3. Open Source Teaching Project: In this project, you’ll find interviews from successful professionals about education and career decisions.

Learning & Teaching Materials

Check out these resources to find learning and teaching materials.

  1. Best Practices: Open Source Development: Read this document to learn about good practices in open source development.
  2. Free and Open Source Software Learning Centre: This organization offers open source software to conferences, workshops, and more.
  3. OER Commons: OER Commons makes it easy to find open educational resources online.
  4. ODEPO: In this database, you’ll be able to find open educational projects and organizations.
  5. Wikiversity: Wikiversity is an open learning community.
  6. Producing Open Source Software: Karl Fogel’s book offers learning and advice for running a successful free software project.
  7. WikiEducator: WikiEducator’s community offers free elearning content.
  8. 10 Free Open Courseware Classes About Open Source Everything: Follow this guide to find 100 courses about open source.
  9. DiscoverEd: DiscoverEd makes it easy to get access to open educational resources.
  10. Google Scholar: Use this search engine to find freely available scholarly talks.
  11. Connexions: Connexions is a place to view and share educational materials.
  12. Zunia: Zunia shares digitized materials that are free and open for students, self-learners, and educators.
  13. Open Source Education Foundation: Through this organization, you can get access to resources, software, and teaching tools for open source education.


Become a part of the open source education community with these resources.

  1. Open Source Teaching: Find interviews from more than 200 of the world’s leading professionals and scholars in this community.
  2. FOSS Mentoring Projects: Here you can learn about projects that are interested in mentoring students and educators, and best practices for being a part of these projects.
  3. Classroom 2.0: Classroom 2.0 supports educators who are interested in Web 2.0 and collaborative technologies in education.
  4. LearningTimes: LearningTimes offers a fast growing open community for education and training professionals.
  5. Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources: This community encourages a culture of shared knowledge.
  6. Community College Open Textbook Project: Learn about the Community College Open Textbook Project in this community.
  7. Teaching Open Source Roll Call: Here you’ll find a community of open source professors.
  8. K-12 Open Source Community: This community supports free and open source software programs in K-12 education.
  9. WikiTeach: WikiTeach is a great place to share your lesson plans.
  10. School of Everything: In this community, teachers and students can find each other.
  11. Teaching Open Source Mailing List: Learn about open source education, support, community, funding, and lots more in this mailing list.
  12. Open Ed: This Creative Commons site offers excellent resources for open source students and teachers.
  13. Open Planner: Open Planner is a free and easy to use collaborative planning community.
  14. Teaching Open Source IRC: Become a part of discussion and meetings in open source on this IRC channel.


These blogs will keep you on top of the latest in open source learning.

  1. Opened: This blog explains why open source software should be used in schools.
  2. [M]etabrain [E]ntry [L]og: Mel is an open source community ninja that engineers educations.
  3. OCW Blog: The OCW Blog discusses the OpenCourseWare and Open Educational Resources movements.
  4. ResourceShelf: ResourceShelf offers resources that are valuable to information professionals, educators, and journalists.
  5. Open Source Schools: Open Source Schools encourages open source and an open mind.
  6. Bread and Circuits: David Humphrey teaches open source and is an educational liaison with the Mozilla Foundation.
  7. Open Access Archivangelism: Stevan Harnad’s blog discusses open access in education and beyond.
  8. Open Culture: Open Culture offers excellent cultural and educational media online.
  9. THE Journal: This journal works to transform education through technology.
  10. OSS Watch: Read the views of individual OSS Watch team members on this blog.
  11. International Journal of Open Educational Resources: This journal focuses on research and practice in open source software and free educational content.
  12. No Open Blockers: This blogger works as an open source developer and professor.
  13. Open Students: These students want science and research to be open.
  14. Michael Adeyeye: Michael Adeyeye is a student of technology and open source.
  15. Open Education Research: Find out about open education research on this blog.
  16. Iterating toward openness: Read about the movement of open content on this blog.
  17. K12 Open Ed: This blog reflects on the opportunities and challenges of open education.
  18. the connexions blog: Find news about the Connexions open education resources initiative on this blog.
  19. Steve Hargadon: Steve Hargadon discusses educational technology including web 2.0, free and open source software, and education’s future.
  20. Cameron Seay: Cameron Seay shares his views on open source software education on this blog.
  21. Digital Education: Education Week’s Digital Education blog discusses open source education and more.
  22. Open Education: Read this blog to learn about free education for all.
  23. Open Education News: Follow the latest developments in open education on this blog.
  24. OERderves: This group blog offers musings on open educational resources.
  25. Google Open Source Blog: Read about Google’s open source projects and programs on this blog.

Software & Tools

Here you’ll find excellent software and tools for open source education.

  1. 69 Free or Open Source Tools for Students: Check out this list, and you’ll find tools for students that are free, open source, or both.
  2. OSS Watch: OSS Watch offers an advisory service for open source software.
  3. LAMS: LAMS is a tool for teachers to create and deliver online collaborative learning activities.
  4. Edubuntu: Edubuntu offers an educational enhancement on Ubuntu.
  5. The Top 50 Proprietary Programs that Drive You Crazy-and Their Open Source Alternatives: Here you’ll get a list of 50 alternatives to proprietary software.
  6. OpenOffice: OpenOffice offers a variety of productivity tools for open source teachers and students.
  7. School Forge: On School Forge, you’ll find excellent open source software that can be used for education.
  8. Osalt: Search osalt to find open source alternatives to well-known commercial software.
  9. Moodle: Use this software package to create Internet-based courses.
  10. Focus/SIS: This open source student information system offers excellent ease of use.

Images & Media

Check out these awesome resources for open source media.

  1. Wikisource: Wikisource is a free library online.
  2. Project Gutenberg: Find electronic texts that are open source or have expired copyright.
  3. Wikinews: Wikinews offers access to free and open articles.
  4. Stories and Characters That Have Had Their Copyright Expire: Check out this list to find stories and characters that are available for free use.
  5. Wikipedia: Find open source text and more on this human-created encyclopedia.
  6. Copyright-Free Photo Archive: Here you can get access to public domain photos and images.
  7. Directory of Open Access Journals: Find More than 4,200 journals that offer open access online in this directory.
  8. Wikiquote: Visit Wikiquote to find a collection of quotations.
  9. Wikimedia Commons: On Wikimedia Commons, you’ll get access to millions of freely usable media files.
  10. MorgueFile: Find a public image archive for creatives on MorgeFile.
  11. Open Access Journals in the Field of Education: Find a list of open access journals about education here.
  12. Global Text Project: The Global Text Project works to create open content electronic textbooks.
  13. Internet Archive: You can get free access to digital cultural artifacts through this archive.
  14. Wikitionary: Wikitionary offers a wiki-based open content dictionary.

Advice & Articles

Here you’ll find useful advice for open source education.

  1. Open Access Journal Literature is an Open Educational Resource: Find out about the link between open access journal literature and open educational resources.
  2. How the Open Source Movement Has Changed Education: 10 Success Stories: Here you’ll find 10 stories that will inspire you in your open source teaching and education.
  3. Leading a University Open Source Project: Find out how to lead an open source project of your own from this learning module.
  4. Systems for Supportive Open Teaching: Learn about open learning and open educational resources activities from Andy Lane here.
  5. The Impact of Open Source Software on Education: You can find out how open source software affects education here.
  6. Learning Design and Open Source Teaching: Read this module to learn about pedagogy, technology, and open source software in education.
  7. Building a community around your open source project: Find out how to bring students together in an open source project from this article.
  8. Barriers to the Adoption of Open Source: Personal and Professional Observations: Read this article to learn about the barriers to institutional adoption of open source software.
  9. Open Source Software and the User Experience in Higher Education: This post explains how OSS impacts user experience.
  10. Open Source, Economics, and Higher Education: Find out how open source projects work from an economic perspective in this article.
  11. 55 Ways to Bring Open Source Into Education: Find out how and why open source is so useful for education in this article.
  12. What are Open Textbooks?: Read this resource to find out what open textbooks are and how you can participate.
  13. Students and OER: Find out how you can work with your students using OER.

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